How to prevent theft of vending machines

How to prevent theft of vending machines

Imyjoy Vending machines are very popular in the market. Many people have experience shopping on vending machines. It provides 24-hour unmanned shopping service, which is convenient and fast, which provides great convenience for our daily life. Due to its unmanned nature, some people can't help but wonder if the vending machine will be stolen? In fact, don't worry, vending machines have a coup to guard against theft. let us see!


1. Install monitoring equipment: Generally, outdoor vending machines will be equipped with surveillance cameras, and the monitoring system will realize all-round monitoring of the vending machines. Once someone sabotages or steals, the monitoring system will be recorded, which is very deterrent to criminals.


2. Various anti-theft facilities: As we all know, the glass of the vending machine is the easiest to damage. To prevent thieves from breaking glass and stealing goods, most manufacturers use anti-theft laminated glass. The anti-theft and anti-smashing glass is more durable, greatly improving the anti-theft characteristics of the vending machine. In addition, the vending machine is also equipped with a special T-lock, which has a strong anti-theft performance. It is difficult for a thief to open the door with a master key.


3. Fixed equipment: If the body of the vending machine shakes violently, the product is easy to fall, causing economic losses. In order to prevent this situation, there will be fixed equipment at the bottom of the vending machine, which can make the machine stably fixed on the ground. At the same time, if the fuselage is placed with its back against a wall, the stability of the machine will be better. Even if someone shakes violently, the product will not fall off.


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