How do we make a vending machine that accepts cashless payments?


To make a vending machine that accepts cashless payments, you will need to follow these steps:

•  First, you will need to have a vending machine that has two main ports: an MDB (Multi-Drop Bus) and a DEX (Data Exchange) port. These ports will allow you to connect a cashless reader to your vending machine

•  Second, you will need to choose a cashless reader that is compatible with your vending machine and supports various payment methods, such as credit and debit cards, mobile wallets, QR codes, or biometric scanners. Some examples of cashless readers are Nayax, USA Technologies, and PayRange

•  Third, you will need to install the cashless reader on your vending machine according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. You will need to plug the cashless reader into the MDB and DEX ports of your vending machine and secure it with screws or adhesive tape. You will also need to configure the cashless reader settings, such as the prices, products, and payment options

•  Fourth, you will need to test the cashless reader and make sure it works properly. You can try to make a purchase using different payment methods and check if the transaction is successful and the product is dispensed. You can also use a management and telemetry system to monitor the sales, inventory, and performance of your vending machine

I hope this helps you to make a vending machine that accepts cashless payments. If you want to learn more about cashless vending machines, please contact IMYJOY team freely. 

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