IMYJOY automatic cotton candy machine

IMYJOY automatic cotton candy machine


Do you know why the cotton candy machine is so popular?

1. Large market demand

Marshmallow is a traditional snack food with a large market base and is deeply loved by the public

2. Large flow of people

Occupying places with high traffic such as shopping malls, scenic spots, and amusement parks, the scenes are diversified and are liked by very thin consumer groups, which greatly increases the passenger flow and consumption rate

3. Convenient operation

The machine is compact, occupies a small area, and is simple to install. Compared with large-scale equipment, it can save manpower and financial resources.

4. Easy to operate

Fully automatic, can be unattended, can remotely check accounts, operate, etc.


The use of marshmallow machine is very simple, do you know how to use marshmallow machine?

We can operate in four steps:

1. Consumers choose marshmallow shapes


2. Consumers can pay by scanning the QR code on the screen, or by coin, paper money or card payment

3. The machine automatically produces marshmallows

4. Consumers take marshmallows


Why choose IMYJOY cotton candy machine?

1. The food raw materials are pure water and granulated sugar, as well as food-grade lollipops.

2, with 220 degrees high temperature production, aseptic sealed space

3. Automatically clean the nozzle to ensure constant output and clean equipment

4. The sugar box and the water box are both large-capacity, one feeding can make 250 marshmallows, the water tank can be used for 3 days, saving maintenance costs.



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