How to distinguish between true and false coin value

Do you know how the vending machine distinguishes the value of a coin from true or false?


When buying something with an IMYJOY vending machine, the buyer will insert the coin. So how does the machine determine how much the coin is, and how is its face value distinguished? And how does the smart vending machine identify the real coins of counterfeit banknotes? You should be very curious about these. When you open the inside of the machine, you will find that these automations that are nearby for daily use are quite fascinating.


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1. At the beginning of a set of processes, the sensor coil will first detect the size and size of the coin, while the electromagnet will detect its material. China's fourth set of coin aluminum material is composed of aluminum alloy, stainless steel, steel core plated copper alloy, and steel core plated nickel alloy.



2. At the moment the coin is dropped, the internal mold of the machine will determine the coins and sort them out.


3. When an abnormality is found, the counterfeit currency will be ejected.


4. When giving you change, the machine will release coins one by one.


5. These steps can help people count nearly 15,000 coins a year. And how does the vending machine ensure that you get your own food? Behind the vending machine's keyhole, there is a microcomputer that controls the corresponding motor.


6. These motors can drive the runner to rotate 360 degrees.


7. When the food falls, it will pass 10 infrared beams. If the infrared does not sense anything, the computer will issue an instruction to withdraw the coin.



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