Automatic Vending machine turned into "matchmaker"

Automatic Vending machine turned into "matchmaker"


A vending machine that transforms into a blind date "matchmaker" has recently appeared on the streets of Tokyo, the capital of Japan: consumers can get a blind date opportunity every time they buy a "goods".



According to a report by Japan's "Sky News 24 Hours" website on the 30th, a poster of a local matchmaking agency "Marriage and Love Talk" was posted on the exterior wall of a shop in Kamata Ward, Tokyo. The cans sold by the vending machines in the store look like ordinary beverage cans, showing the age and gender of single people, and the cans are pink and beige to represent women and men. After the jar is selected, the photo and name of the corresponding person will be displayed in the window below the vending machine.


Each jar is priced at 3,000 yen (about 26 US dollars), and the jar contains a "marriage and love chat" voucher, which allows buyers to receive one-hour professional marriage and love consultation services. In the meantime, the consultant will judge whether the person is suitable to meet the single person corresponding to the jar based on the basic information of the buyer. If it goes well, the matchmaking agency will arrange a blind date dinner for the pair that lasts about three hours for 9,000 yen (about $80).


This ingenious blind date service is scheduled to be officially launched on March 1 next year. The matchmaking agency said it would charge an additional 300,000 yen ($2,600) to each couple if they eventually entered the marriage hall, though it was unclear how that would work.


According to Japanese media analysis, the rising rate of late marriage and non-marriage is an important factor in Japan's low birthrate.




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