Advantages of IMYJOY vending machine

Introduction to the advantages of IMYJOY vending machine


Vending machines must be familiar to all of us. From the beginning, only coins and banknotes can be inserted. Now credit card payment and QR code payment are becoming more and more intelligent. In many shopping malls and scenic spots, it can be used. As you can see, what else do you not know enough about its knowledge? The following is an introduction to "The advantages of IMYJIOY vending machine".


[IMYJOY vending machine is a very good business]


After the unmanned shelves faded, the industry has turned its attention to intelligent unmanned vending machines. In fact, smart vending machines appeared earlier than unmanned shelves, but smart vending machines did not reach the popularity of the latter. There is not much difference in business models between the two. The core concept is to bring goods closer to consumers, but The cost of unmanned shelves is a little lower, so investing in a vending machine will not make you regret it!


Compared with unmanned shelves, whether it is a closed vending machine or an open-door vending machine, it has a stronger anti-theft function and is relatively easier to control in terms of cargo damage. In addition, IMYJOY vending machines have greater advantages in replenishment, because smart vending machines with big data backend can monitor the inventory in the machine, and operators can accurately replenish goods based on the data.


At present, smart vending machines can be divided into two major types in terms of technology, RFID and computer vision dynamic recognition.


For RFID technology, the advantage is that it is relatively mature and easy to implement on a large scale. At present, most of the smart vending machines on the market adopt RFID technology. The disadvantage of this technology is very obvious, that is, the label is easily shielded and damaged. However, according to some operators, the damage rate of RFID smart vending machines is not as high as expected, and is at an acceptable level.


Another problem with RFID technology is the cost issue, because every product needs to be labeled, and the cost of the label and the labor cost for sticking. Another important issue is that the threshold of this technology is too low to form commercial barriers. Many operations will choose to develop their own products and purchase from outside in time. Suppliers will also fall into price wars because of the lack of competitiveness of their products. among.


The dynamic recognition technology is to identify which products consumers take away by recognizing the actions of consumers taking the products and putting them back. In terms of technology alone, dynamic identification has higher technical barriers and is more suitable for companies to survive as technology exporters.



[IMYJOY vending machine can greatly reduce costs]


Judging from the current development status, vending machines are now in a stage of low penetration rate and relatively high growth rate! Driven by new retail, vending machines have been applied in many scenarios, mainly fragmented scenarios, which can frequently contact consumers, are very efficient, and have more transaction opportunities!


In addition, labor costs and rental costs in the market are constantly increasing, and the profitability of stores is constantly decreasing! And vending machines can reduce rent and cost, and expand profitability!

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