How to operate the vending machine hottest?

Imyjoy Vending machine team contact and communication with many vending operators, imyjoy vending machine professionals have discovered that there are many factors that affect the operation effect of vending machines, mainly as follows:

Commodity factors: Divided into two routes,

1. Vending machine operation does not seek huge profits, but only seeks to be safe. The goods must be popular fast-moving consumer goods. Common snacks and beverages can be used, because the demand for snacks and beverages is huge. And it is stable all year round, there is no risk, and the profit can be asked;

2. Pursue high risk and high profit, are willing to try, and can sell relatively unpopular and less competitive products that others have not made, such as selling gold, silver, jade and other jewelry, or Other products with high profits can be profitable without high sales volume due to the large profits of single products.

These two routes should be selected in light of your own circumstances, not blindly.

Location and location factors: Imyjoy Vending machines and physical supermarkets are offline retail terminals, and whether they can be profitable or not depends on the location of the location. Site selection is generally classified into two categories: 1. The effective customer group is dense and the places are relatively closed, such as universities or factories, where young people are basically spending very strong; 2. Open places with a large flow of people, such as various Such as stations, scenic spots, outdoor squares, the effective customer group density is not very large, but the huge traffic can make up for the shortcomings, there are always people who have shopping needs.

Competitive factors: competition must be considered in any industry, and Imyjoy vending machines are no exception. Therefore, if someone else has already settled in the vending machine or is next to a supermarket, it is not recommended to do it. Face-to-face competition is a lose-lose option and is not advisable. . Therefore, the operation of vending machines must also analyze the surrounding competition situation and fully study it.

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A few suggestions, Imyjoy vending machine hope to help you better manage your own points.

1. Be good at using the smart backend, in addition to timely replenishment, you must also regularly analyze the sales data reports displayed on the vending machine backend to see which products are profitable and which single products are profitable, and adjust the quotas of each product in time to achieve profitability .

2. Do market research on a regular basis. You can't rely on your own subjective guesses to figure out customer needs or shopping experience. You must take actual measurements to master the real customer needs and opinions and suggestions, so as to adjust your own operation plan.

3. For the vending machine with cash module, it is necessary to replenish or count the currency in it in time, and clean the dust regularly, so as not to affect the identification efficiency.

4. Clean regularly and clean the machine cleanly, because vending machines with too much dust can hardly arouse people's desire to shop.

5. As a highly professional unmanned self-service equipment, the vending machine needs to have a dedicated person in charge. It takes certain skills and experience to operate the machine well, and it cannot be mastered in three or five days.

6. To create a gorgeous machine appearance, you can find a design company to design some eye-catching posters to wrap the fuselage so that people can notice the existence of vending machines from a distance, thereby increasing sales.

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