IMYJOY unmanned vending machine can pay with face

IMYJOY unmanned vending machine can pay with face


After World War II, unmanned vending machines in the modern sense were born. In order to solve the problem of high labor costs, they were used to sell some beverages. You have to know that the cost of putting a machine on the street is much lower than setting up a salesman on duty. Kiosk. At that time, the machine could only support coins, because coin detection was relatively simple, and the cost of coin recognizers could be controlled very low. Paper currency payment used on unmanned vending machines has been a matter of years (this is mainly due to the development of microelectronics technology). This is mainly because banknotes have too many shortcomings. For example, old currencies are dirty, wrinkles are difficult to identify, and some are incomplete.


In order to meet the demand for payment by unmanned vending machines, many countries have carried out corresponding currency reforms and issued various coins (for example, Japan has 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 and other coins), which greatly facilitates people’s sales. Shop and pay on the cargo plane!


At this time (as of 2013), from the perspective of hardware structure or corresponding product types, unmanned vending machines have developed very powerful, and many products for eating, drinking, sleeping, and playing can be sold on them. In April 2013, mobile payment vending machines were officially put on the market. Since then, unmanned vending machines have entered the era of smart and mobile payment, which has a trans-epochal significance in the development history of vending machines. Those who take out their mobile phones can scan and shop, no longer have to bring a bunch of change!


At this time, intelligent networking, large touch screens, mobile phone scan code payment, and intelligent back-end supervision system have enabled unmanned vending machines to reach unprecedented new heights! Unmanned vending machines have quickly become popular in China and have entered an explosive period, but technological progress is never ending. At the end of 2017, the unmanned vending machine for payment by face was born, and the unmanned vending machine entered the era of face-sharing! Face-swiping payment broke the last yoke-the smartphone is also broken. In just two or three years, you can still shop on the machine without a mobile phone!


With the overall development of face payment, another new type of unmanned retail device has also been put on the market-the visual cabinet (the advanced version of the unmanned vending cabinet). The visual cabinet has changed the traditional vending machine shopping process and simplified the process. Customers swipe their faces to open the door, and the system automatically settles after the product is closed. The shopping experience is excellent! The current consumer poverty alleviation counter projects are mainly of this model. This kind of visual cabinet has more advanced visual recognition algorithms and more powerful cloud servers. Whether it will become the mainstream equipment of unmanned retail terminals in the future, I dare not guess. Time can only be tested! IMYJOY will accompany you to witness the history of vending machines.


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