Why are there so many vending machines in Japan?

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Students who have been to Japan or often watch Japanese dramas and Japanese comics must be no strangers to vending machines. There are all kinds of vending machines in the streets and alleys of Japan, and the goods sold are also varied.

So why are there so many vending machines in Japan?

1. Good law and order

Vending machines in Japan are generally installed outdoors, but their destruction rate is extremely low.

2. It is convenient for office workers and overtime workers to consume

Japan's overtime culture, I don't need to say more about it, I believe that students are well aware of it. Most of the friends who go to Japan for the first time will marvel at the walking speed of Japanese office workers in suits and leather shoes.

Therefore, readily available vending machines are very good for office workers and overtime workers who are busy and in a hurry.

3. Ordinary people are salesmen

Many people don't know that, in fact, even if you are an ordinary person in Japan, as long as you find that there is no vending machine in a place, you can call the relevant company to install it. If the installation is successful, you can get a reward of tens of thousands of yen.

But today's vending machines in Japan are quite saturated.

4. Complete management system

In Japan, whenever you see a vending machine, you will see a recycling bin with plastic bottles and cans next to it. The purpose of setting up recycling bins is to beautify the surrounding environment and prevent people from littering bottles and cans.

In addition, there are many specialized vending machine management companies in Japan, which are responsible for cleaning, refilling beverages, and recycling bottles and cans.

The clean and tidy vending machines are filled with a variety of beverages and food, making people feel the urge to buy.

5. You can start with 100 yen coins

Since 2017, with the increase of consumption tax in Japan, a 190ml bottle of coffee is 130 yen, and a 500ml bottle of coffee can be purchased for 160 yen. But before the consumption tax hike, you could basically buy a bottle of drink with 100 yen coins.

Although one hundred yuan coins can't buy a bottle of drink now, but with the development of electronic payment, no need to change is also a highlight

In this way, you may not feel how vending machines are all over the streets and alleys of Japan and how various vending machine items are.

Pictures of vending machines in different scenarios are for your reference.

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