Vending Machine Series in Japan (Part 3)

Vending Machine Series in Japan (Part 3)


Today, let's take a look at other vending machines on the streets of Japan.


11. Doomsday survival challenge, take a bite

Kumamoto Edible Insect Sellers

On the streets of Kumamoto, there is an edible insect vending machine set up to promote environmental protection, providing more than a dozen kinds of ready-to-eat insect snacks such as scorpions, locusts, and beetles, which are extremely popular on the Internet.

The price of insects ranges from 600-1900 yen, which is small and expensive, but it still cannot stop the curiosity of netizens, and it is often out of stock.

How is the taste? Let’s say that the salt-baked longhorn beetle kills the big winged beetle in one bite. It is hard and bitter, and the taste is indescribable. If you want to try it, I advise you to think twice.

vending machine-17-1.png 

12. Drink blind boxes for only 10 yen

Osaka Central Market Drink Vending Machine

Unattended vending machines are also not lacking in interaction. A 10-yen drink vending machine in Osaka has become a popular check-in attraction because of the blind box setting.

This Internet celebrity machine is often sold out. For 10 yen, you can win a drink with a unit price of more than 100 yen. It is a drink bar with unlimited drinks! How can the popularity not be high.

 vending machine-18.png

13. Sushi is equally delicious without making it on site

Tokyu Ocean Ferry/Narita International Airport Sushi Vending Machine

Can't eat sushi without the chef making it on site? certainly not.

Vending machines dedicated to nigiri sushi can be found at Tokyu Ocean Ferry and Narita International Airport.

After purchasing frozen sushi from a vending machine, you can put it in the dedicated defroster that comes with it to return to room temperature. Although it is not as good as the one produced at the high-end banquet, many people who have eaten it think that the taste is very good, exceeding expectations.

 vending machine-19.png

14. Izakaya counterattacked by roasting bird vending machines

Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture Shoki Restaurant

In response to the epidemic, the owner of an izakaya in Miyagi prefecture designed a roasting bird vending machine, which immediately became a hit, and its turnover more than doubled last year.

The roasting bird vending machine is converted into a self-heating stove, and four skewers are 500 yen. Customers can buy food by themselves without entering the store to socialize, which is comfortable and convenient. I don’t know how many people’s needs are met.

 vending machine-20.png

15. With the blessing of the vending machine, fast food becomes a souvenir

Tokyo Akihabara Oden Vending Machine

Oden, which is common in convenience stores, was first put into vending machines in Akihabara, making Akihabara not only a "Holy Land of Canned Oden", but also a local souvenir.

Nowadays, in addition to Akihabara, all parts of Japan have their own special oden. Such as Aomori's ginger oden, Miyagi's oyster and fried fish cake oden.

 vending machine-21.png

What interesting vending machines have you seen? Please share with us. 

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