Vending Machine Series in Japan (Part 2)

Vending Machine Series in Japan (Part 2)


Today, let's take a look at other vending machines on the streets of Japan.


6. Goldfish Capsule Hotel by the Museum

Nara Koriyama Goldfish Vending Machine

The vending machine can not only blow up balloons, but also become a "capsule hotel" for cute pets.

Koriyama City, Nara Prefecture is known as the city of goldfish. You can buy a bag of goldfish for 200 yen at the vending machine near the Koriyama Goldfish Museum.

The vending machine welcomes a batch of goldfish "check-in" every morning, and until the next morning, the goldfish can be kept healthy in the bag.

 Vending machine-12.png

7. In-situ courtship assistance

Tokyo Shibuya Ring Vending Machine

There are often impromptu marriage proposals in TV dramas, and the male protagonist always has a way to temporarily conjure a ring. Is this plot fake? Don't rush to nod, in Shibuya, Tokyo, there really is a 24-hour ring vending machine.

At the vending machine launched by the accessories store JAM HOME MADE, you can buy the hot-selling "Anonymous Ring Handmade Set" for 9,000 yen.

There is also a small workshop next to the vending machine, which is convenient for immediate purchase and processing. It can be said that it provides a one-stop service for romantic manufacturing.

 vending machine-13.png

vending machine-14.png

8. First aid magic weapon for office workers

Business Card/Stamp Vending Machines at Tokyo JR Stations

Playing romance can rely on vending machines for emergency help, and office workers also have applicable emergency machines. From business cards to various stamps, vending machines can be readily taken.

Corresponding vending machines can be found in major JR stations in Tokyo, select the required materials and design templates, and you can get the latest business cards or stamps in 20 minutes.

 vending machine-15.png

9. Sake Paradise at Snow Country Station

Niigata Prefecture JR Station Sake Tasting Machine

The snow country Niigata Prefecture described by Kawabata Yasunari is the hometown of Japanese sake. There are whole walls of sake vending machines in JR Echigo Station and Niigata Station.

As long as you exchange 500 yen for five tokens, you can choose your favorite sake from more than 130 representative famous products from 96 sake collections.

 vending machine-16.png

10. Showa food in the used tire market

Kanagawa Sagamihara Store Vending Machine Cafeteria

There is a second-hand tire market in Kanagawa famous for its old-fashioned vending machines. There are all kinds of antique-grade gourmet vending machines here, attracting countless people to check in.

More than 50 self-service vending machines from the Showa period form a light meal canteen. Ramen, curry rice, sandwiches, shaved ice... Just put in a coin and wait for 25 seconds to start eating.

vending machine-17.png

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