How to take good pictures next to the vending machine?Unique features of the vending machine

When vending machines on the street are everywhere, and buying drinks has become extremely convenient, people want to give vending machines more "missions", such as taking pictures as props, and regard it as a "low-end version". Supermarket, easy to press with life-like photos.

The following photo methods are for your reference.

It is a very happy thing to choose the drink you want to drink in front of the vending machine. Of course, the natural smile must be recorded immediately. After all, it is a joy from the heart. I immediately took a sip of the soda I took out, and the expression of enjoyment was very immersive.

Photo next vending machine-1.png

When you went out to play, did you forget to take a photo at the scenic spot? Then take a group photo in front of the vending machine and let the sweet drinks witness your friendship.

Photo next vending machine-2.png

Interact with the drinks in the vending machine and capture a series of actions of the model selecting drinks. Vibrant colors, lively atmosphere, and good-looking photos speak for themselves.

Photo next vending machine-3.png

Who says vending machines are only for drinks? Take a photo with the cute doll, and the cute factor will float in the air!

Photo next vending machine-5.png

Taking a group photo with a vending machine with a drink, the ability to deduce what is called "eating in the bowl and looking at the pot", the story-filled picture is not monotonous at all, and the life photos are not boring.


The girl in uniform took a photo with the vending machine, and adjusted a white tone, full of Japanese feeling, fresh and healing.

Photo next vending machine-7.png

It's dark at night, saddened in front of a vending machine, and emotional movies are always very moving.


Do you like the way of taking pictures above? If you have a better photo with the vending machine, please send it to us to share.

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