China's first limited-edition machine for Minions gifts vending machine landed in Beijing

Minions-themed hats, bags, toys, travel supplies... Consumers scan the code to open the door to select products. After they are satisfied with the trial, they can pay automatically after closing the door. On August 25th, the National Minion Vending Machines - Minions Gifts Limited Machines debuted in Beijing Changyingtian Street, Huaxi Wukesong, Guomao Yintai and Tongzhou Wanda Plaza, all of which are full of Beijing's passenger flow 's head business district. The big-eyed cute movie of Minions is being shown in theaters simultaneously, and Universal has once again started a new way of IP marketing.


This kind of shopping experience, which can open the machine to select goods, is close to the shopping experience of visiting a store. It crosses the threshold of paying first and then shipping the traditional vending machine, and turns each machine into a mini-minion gift store.

Minions-themed vengding machine-2.png

Recently, it is the annual Minion Banana Festival. This year, the activities of the Minion Banana Festival Beijing Station are all undertaken by the Minion Gifts Limited Machine. At that time, Beijing Huaxi LIVE Wukesong, Guomao Yintai Center, Changyingtian Street, and Tongzhou Wanda will become the "must check-in bases" for Beijing Minion fans outside Universal Studios.


Minions gift-limited machine has opened up a new sales channel and led a new way of monetizing IP; at the same time, it can allow more consumers to experience IP into their own lives, and also attract more popularity to the shopping mall. Multi-party cooperation and win-win.

Minions-themed vengding machine-4.png

Although the current Minion gift-limited machine has just started operation, the time and samples are limited, but the enthusiasm of users is high. The relevant person in charge said: "Beijing is only the first launch, and inspections in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan and other cities have already been launched, and the limited-edition machine of Minion gifts will soon be spread across the country."


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