How to customize an exclusive vending machine?

How to customize an exclusive vending machine?


Supported by IMYJOY's R&D team and a group of professional teams with more than ten years of experience in vending machine design and manufacturing, we undertake customized development of vending machines, from structural design, appearance design, software development, mold opening and sample production, quality testing, equipment mass production, etc. Train services.


What can be customized?

1 Appearance customization

People rely on clothes, and machines rely on painting. Many operators don't realize that the appearance of the vending machine is very important. Especially in some special scenes, a beautiful vending machine with attractive colors can bring more business.

For the appearance of the general vending machine, we can work hard from two aspects: one is the appearance and shape of the vending machine, and the other is to design from the color of the sticker and the matching of the appearance.


2 screen customization

The screen of many traditional vending machines can be customized according to actual needs and cost considerations, that is, this screen is not used for advertising, but directly realizes the purchase function, and the entire screen is still transparent, you can see the screen. The latter products are very elegant and can be considered in some special occasions.


3 cargo lane customization

Although smart containers are very popular now and can be compatible with 90% of the products on the market, there are still many products that cannot be sold. Then due to the limitation of payment methods and other reasons, smart containers have not become popular in foreign countries. Therefore, there is still a big market for traditional spring vending machines.

For another example, the products with high unit price: such as wine, jewelry, etc., are more suitable for vending machines with exclusive customized series. You can customize according to the actual needs of selling goods, such as hanging cargo lanes, specific commodity size cargo lanes, etc., so as to better realize the sale of goods.


4 Software customization

IMYJOY provides system customization services in all walks of life to make your business model more valuable. Operator solutions / brand solutions / face payment transformation solutions / milk machine solutions / employee benefits / membership card consumption / shared goods / cosmetics distribution / drug sales and other exclusive software customization. Help you realize the perfect transformation from traditional industries to new retail.



A: I want to sell our products and enhance our brand awareness through vending machines. Can you do that?

S: No problem! IMYJOY can create an exclusive vending machine for you from the appearance stickers, shopping UI interface, light box, etc.~


A: I don't want a traditional square vending machine, can I make an irregular vending machine according to my idea?

S: Yes, IMYJOY can be customized according to your needs, such as the appearance of the casing, the cargo channel, and the access port.


A: I want to make machines here with you, and then put our own brand on it?

S: Of course! The full range of IMYJOY vending machines support OEM/ODM customization, and provide one-stop solutions for design and development/molding proofing/program development/manufacturing.

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