Advantages of vending machines over unmanned stores

Advantages of vending machines over unmanned stores

Thanks to the development and maturity of the new retail of artificial intelligence of the Internet of Things, the field of unmanned vending has suddenly set off a boom, and the unmanned vending machine, as a very important member, is also expected to trigger a new round of outbreaks.

In addition to vending machines, there is also the rise of unmanned stores. What is the difference between the two?

Store rent has always been a huge expense. The area of unmanned supermarkets far exceeds that of vending machines. A vending machine may occupy only 1 square meter or 0.5 square meters of space.

Small footprint, cheaper rent, and easier access to various limited prime spots!

The location of the unmanned store and the required capital reserve are also the top priorities. The renovation of the store requires a large amount of capital, and the risks to be taken will be greater, and the return period will be longer.

Compared with unmanned stores, vending machines not only occupy a small area, but also have flexible operation methods and placement positions, even in prosperous areas of first-tier cities, which can be called small mobile convenience stores.

And it can be put into operation without decoration, that is, business, new business opportunities, one step ahead!

And if the operation of unmanned stores is not ideal, it will be a huge loss to remove the store and change its location.

On the whole, if you want to invest in a small business and start a business with more flexibility, you can give priority to vending machines.


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