Waterproof and rainproof vending machines are very important

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We all know that schools, factories, hospitals, stations, tourist attractions and other places with large traffic or many people and relatively closed spaces are ideal vending machines. Some of them are indoors, and some are outdoors.

Putting vending machines in the open air, a friend asked what needs to be paid attention to. Is the vending machine waterproof and rainproof? In fact, most vending machines are not waterproof or rainproof, especially the models with large touch screens. It is common knowledge in the industry that the screen will fail when exposed to water. Like mobile phones, the screen cannot be operated when it is soaked in water. Or being exposed to rain may also cause the circuit board to corrode and break.

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There are generally cooling vents under the vending machine, which are the same as the interior. If you soak in water, the water will definitely enter the inside of the machine. The coin slot of the paper coin receptacle on the machine is also connected to the interior. Water will enter in heavy rain, and if the touch screen is exposed to rain, water will also fail. Therefore, at the selected point position of the vending machine, the ground is required to be firm and flat and a part of the height should be raised to prevent the accident of the machine from tilting due to the ground collapse when it rains or the accident of the machine entering the water caused by the accumulation of water in the low-lying area. It is also necessary to build a rain-proof shed to prevent the machine from being directly exposed to rain. The requirements for the rain-proof shed are not too high.

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The following is a case of a vending machine operator building a rain shelter for your reference.

vending machine waterproof-4.jpeg

Community vending machine with steel canopy

vending machine waterproof-5.jpeg

Tmall store project adopts rain cloth canopy

vending machine waterproof-6.jpeg

Lanzhou Nanguan National Flavor Street adopts a steel one-piece ceiling

vending machine waterproof-7.jpeg

Fantawild playground beverage vending machines in Jingzhou, Hubei with rain-proof canopy

vending machine waterproof-8.jpeg

Vending machines used in Fujian Tulou tourist attractions use tarpaulin canopies

Even if some models do not have a touch screen or a coin slot for a paper coin dispenser, do not expose to the rain directly. After all, this will increase the failure rate and affect the service life of the vending machine. Especially the beverage vending machines in the serpentine cargo lane are famous for their solid workmanship. It is normal to take measures to protect them from the wind and rain for more than 10 years or even more than 10 years.

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