Is the development trend of ice cream vending machines good?


The new consumption model of ice cream vending machines is particularly popular with people, especially young people, who are chasing trends and fashion. And the new thing of ice cream vending machine just caters to the fashionable and personalized consumption habits of many young people.

On the product, the automatic feeding is accurate, making ice cream of various colors and shapes is easy, and the taste is also accurate to the best. In terms of interactive experience, it combines the self-service consumption model and continuously develops artificial intelligence technology to provide a variety of interactive service experiences.


Now let's take a look at the comparison of traditional ice cream shops and automatic ice cream vending machines. What are the advantages of unmanned ice cream machines compared with traditional ice cream shops? Is the market good?

1. Cost comparison

Traditional ice cream parlors:

Now to open a store specializing in ice cream, the cost of decoration, rent, franchise fee, equipment fee, staff salary, etc. is all calculated to cost 200,000-500,000 yuan. Generally, the rent of the selected store address is also 10,000-20,000 yuan per month. , The sales volume is the same as that of the ice cream vending machine.

Ice Cream Vending Machine:

The cost of a machine is tens of thousands of yuan, and there is no need for decoration costs, staff wages, and no other equipment costs. In the same situation as traditional stores, the remaining profit is more.

2. Point comparison

Traditional ice cream parlors:

The good spots are all in the business district. In the business district, the land is expensive, and the monthly rent is about 20,000 yuan. However, most of the monthly turnover is used to pay for the rent of the store. Like many places with high traffic, because the area is too large, they cannot go there.

Ice Cream Vending Machine:

One machine covers an area of 0.8 square meters, and the rent is several hundred to several thousand yuan. The key is to obtain the golden point that traditional stores cannot reach. The key intersections of people flow channels, cinemas, scenic spots, campuses, entertainment cities, food courts, commercial plazas, etc., are the golden spots that traditional stores can't reach.

3. Personnel management and cost comparison

Traditional ice cream parlors:

A store needs 2-5 employees. The monthly staff cost is 20,000 to 30,000 yuan.

Ice Cream Vending Machine:

One person can operate and maintain 5-10 devices (depending on the distance of the points), which is very convenient and the work intensity is far less than that of traditional stores. The salary of personnel with 50-100 pieces of equipment is only a few thousand yuan.

4. Technical comparison

Traditional ice cream parlors:

Various expenses such as raw materials, materials, utilities, etc., cash income, cash out, personnel bookkeeping, and reconciliation, all increase the cost of financial management, and some poorly managed stores will have financial losses.

Ice Cream Vending Machine:

WeChat, Alipay system payment, mobile phone to view sales data, equipment status, financial system, sales data analysis, everything is available, saving accounting and reconciliation time, and reducing financial management costs.

5. Differentiated Selling Points and Trends

Traditional ice cream parlors:

It has reached a bottleneck in innovation and marketing, and there are no more and better marketing campaigns to attract consumers.

Ice Cream Vending Machine:

At present, it is the trend of unmanned sales, and it is the presentation of the latest technology.

Ice cream vending machines stand out in the market, replacing labor with machines, no need for labor in stores, low cost, stable profits, and stable returns. These advantages of independent operation have gradually gained a firm foothold in the market, and are favored by many investors. Ads can be changed at any time to add an extra monthly income through advertising. The market trend is very optimistic.


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