Daily necessities "free replacement" vending machines in Lin'an are popular

Daily necessities "free replacement" vending machines in Lin'an are popular


Recently, Lao Hu, a villager in Heqiao Village, Heqiao Town, Lin'an, Hangzhou will go to the vending machine at the entrance of the village every once in a while to exchange his points for free daily necessities. This is nothing new in Heqiao Town. In January of this year, Heqiao Town took the lead in launching a village-wide intelligent exchange platform for garbage classification. Villagers can use garbage classification points to exchange for goods in vending machines for free.


"This machine is very convenient. You can change it anytime and anywhere, and you can check it on your mobile phone. Older people like us have learned it after using it once." Lao Hu said with a smile while showing the points on his mobile phone. More and more beautiful, more and more tourists.

"Everyone has more points in their hands, and they need to exchange 2-3 times a week, and the frequency is getting more and more frequent. In order to facilitate villagers to exchange their garbage classification points anytime and anywhere, a vending machine platform has been opened and operated." Zhang Ping, deputy mayor of Heqiao Town in Lin'an, said that since the "Internet +" big data intelligent management of garbage classification was carried out in September 2020, each villager has been equipped with a set of special classification trash cans, and the buckets are also equipped with smart chips. , This small chip realizes the "bucket, household, and integral binding".

The method used is also very simple. Download and install the "Love Classification" APP, and click "My" on the home page to check your personal "points". The points are formed according to the garbage classification situation. Farmers can choose the goods they want to exchange in the vending machine, and click to retrieve With the QR code icon, point the QR code on the APP to the vending machine, and you can directly redeem the product after scanning the code.

Vending machines have provided more convenient conditions for people's lives, and vending machines have become an indispensable part of life.


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