10 of the world's most unexpected vending machines (Part 1)

People are becoming anxious in modern society, and every need is seeking the fastest satisfaction, so it is not surprising that vending machines are becoming more and more popular. In the 1st century AD, the device for automatic vending of holy water made by the Greek Hiro is considered to be the world's earliest vending machine. Today, Japan has one vending machine for every 23 people, the highest in the world. From the initial coin-operated mode to accepting bank card payments and connecting to the Internet, vending machines operate in a variety of ways, and the things they sell are even more varied, covering almost every need in life.

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Next, we will take you down to 10 vending machines around the world, the products they sell range from cheap to expensive, but they are definitely unexpected and special.


1. Baguette Vending Machine

Vending machines are best known for selling packaged food, which is basically the first step for everyone to use a vending machine. But for a fresh food like baguette, the vending machine is an unconvincing, even blasphemous approach—a food we all know the French love so much. But the machine invented by French baker Jean-Louis Hecht has given Parisians crispy baguettes during the long August holiday when most bakeries are closed. It runs 24 hours and provides hot water for only 1 euro per loaf.


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2. Pizza Vending Machine

Coincidentally, the Italian people who love pizza have also invented vending machines that can make fresh pizza. After the coin is placed to place an order, the inside of the machine will start to work, mixing flour and water, and pressing it into a cake embryo. Customers can choose whether to add meat and vegetables, add tomato sauce and cheese slices, and the pizza is sent to the 380-degree high temperature oven. You can watch the baking process through a small glass window, and wait for a while before you can eat hot pizza. Each pizza sells for $5.95 and comes in four flavor options. According to this line of thinking, it is only a matter of time before the Chinese people develop bun vending machines and pancake fruit vending machines.

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3. ck one pocket perfume vending machine

Vending machines are not only for selling goods, but also inconspicuous machines sometimes have good publicity value. For the launch of the new ck one fragrance, Sephora installed a pocket vending machine in a Paris metro station that sold only ck one in 15ml bottles. For passengers passing by in a hurry, vending machines are more stimulating impulse purchases, and the 15ml perfume packaging is suitable for carrying in a bag, and the price is also acceptable. Through this promotion, the new fragrance not only increases its popularity, but also directly increases its sales.

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4. Sephora Vending Machine

From the launch of ck one, we know that Sephora has definitely done a lot of research on vending machines, and they also put more cosmetics in vending machines at major airports. Because of the liquid carrying regulations of the national civil aviation law, many people have to give up many necessary skin care products when they fly, and the vending machine at Sephora can quickly replenish and purchase. These machines house 50 of the most popular makeup, skincare and fragrance sets from brands including KORRES, smashbox, JUICY COUTURE, Dior Beauty and more. Up to now, Sephora's vending machines span across major airports in New York, Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston and other major airports.

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5. berlinomat design vending machine

In the design capital of Berlin, dull vending machines are also getting a makeover. Sharp body lines, brushed aluminum interface, and eye-catching yellow make you never overlook this berlinomat design vending machine. Of course, the appearance that attracts customers is the first step, and the 42 categories of design products made in Berlin are its core value. A log pepper mill, a wallet made from recycled bicycle tires, a 4-meter-long Berlin panorama poster... all are placed on product shelves, and product descriptions are animated on the touchscreen interface. From the inside out, this is definitely the most designed vending machine you've ever seen. The machines were placed at Berlin Central Station, Tegel Airport and Galeries Lafayette as a promotional outlet for the work of local designers.

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