How to choose the size of the smart vending machine?

How to choose the size of the smart vending machine?

Nowadays, the products sold in smart vending machines are generally just needed, the audience is very wide, and the demand is relatively large, which also reduces labor costs. Smart vending machines can operate 24 hours a day as long as they are plugged in. Although it has many advantages, it has encountered problems when choosing. I don't know how to choose the size of the smart vending machine? On this issue, we will introduce it to you next.


Now there are many types of smart vending machines, some are large equipment, some are small. But how should we choose its size? At this time, what we need to do is to first estimate the flow of people near the smart vending machine. In fact, it is the same as opening a physical store. We need to examine the flow of people and the characteristics of the crowd in the selected place. You can go to observe several times at different time points, be sure to be aware of it. In this way, you can buy a smart vending machine that suits you. Nowadays, common smart vending machines can generally hold about 300 bottles of water. It is recommended to use the storage capacity of 300 bottles of water as a reference. I also remind everyone here that the stockpile is too small not to be considered. Secondly, we also need to consider the cost of replenishment. If you choose a smaller one, then you will definitely replenish more frequently. If you choose a bigger one, the frequency of replenishment will definitely be less. This is also to be evaluated based on your own situation. Only by doing this can you know how to choose.

In addition to these two things to consider when choosing the size of a smart vending machine, what you also need to do is to choose an expandable smart vending machine. It means whether it is extensible. This must be considered clearly when choosing a smart vending machine. There are a lot of one-to-two and one-to-three machines now. Don't underestimate the small functions. In fact, it will have a great impact on future business. If the business is good, then you can sell more products and varieties. If the vending machine you buy is not scalable, and if the business exceeds expectations, you can only spend double the money to buy a machine if you want to increase revenue. So these are all things that everyone needs to consider when buying, I hope everyone will pay attention to it. Of course, you can also communicate with the vending machine manufacturer and tell the vending machine manufacturer what you think, so that they will help users choose the right size. And our company is a professional company engaged in vending machines, intelligent vending machines, vending machines, vending machines, vending machines R&D and production, sales leasing, free delivery, self-service, consulting and maintenance. Any needs in this area can be met by customers.

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